Facelift surgery has become a very popular cosmetic operation because older men and women today find they look older than they feel. Such is our motto at Michigan Facial Anesthetic Surgeons: Look as Good as You Feel!

A facelift operation is designed to remove wrinkling caused by loose skin and to tighten the fatty tissues of the face and neck which tend to become lax over the course of time.

Naturally, everyone contemplating a facelift surgery is concerned with the degree and duration of improvement. The extent of improvement depends on the degree of wrinkling present; you may have dramatic results depending on your skin. If early laxity is of concern and the facelift is performed preemptively to maintain a youthful neck and jawline, the improvement may be more subtle – remarks will often be made that the skin looks more “alive”.

The duration of the facelift procedure lasts approximately 10 years. As such, we at Michigan Facial Aesthetic Surgeons describe aging using the escalator analogy. If we think of aging as progressively moving up on an escalator, we can think of the facelift as moving you ten steps back. The escalator does not stop, nor does normal aging. However, with sun protection and adherence to a daily skin regimen, you can protect your investment for many years to come.


The facelift surgery is usually an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia at one of our fully-accredited facilities in Detroit, Dearborn, Southfield or Rochester. We use recent technical advances to achieve your desired look with the minimal amount of surgery possible. Such minimally invasive techniques ensure quicker down times and a speedy recovery.

There is little pain in the post-operative period, but the face is somewhat discolored and swollen following surgery. Swelling subsides in a few days while the discoloration takes about one week to fully disappear. Women may begin to wear make-up after 7-8 days and are able to return to work and daily life soon after.

Sometimes facelifts are accompanied by other procedures including eyelid surgery, neck lift and brow/forehead lift.

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